19-Jul-2018 09:42 AM
RO No: 64279/24

Our Placements

Below is the list of few candidates we have placed in various corporate companies

Sr.no Candidate Name Designation Company Salary
1 Yogendra Dewangan Back office executive Mahindra and Mahindra 2.2
2 Manish Dewangan Sales executive Axis Bank 1.75
3 Ashish Peshwani Relationship officer ICICI Bank 2.5
4 Bushra Javed Assistant Acquisition Manager Kotak Mahindra Bank 2.2
5 Ranjit Gavel Back office executive Videocon D2H 1.5
6 Ramesh Sahu Computer operator Ashoka Hospital 1.2
7 Murli Verma Business development executive Axis Bank 1.75
8 Preeti Sneha Business development executive Axis Bank 1.75
9 Ajay Singh Rathore Sales officer ICICI Bank 1.5
10 Varsha Yadav Sales officer ICICI Bank 1.75
11 Narendra Kewat Sales Officer ICICI Bank 1.5
12 R Nitin Smartcard Operator CG Health 1.25
13 Akansha Tiwari Co-ordinator CG Health 1.25
14 Shashank Shrivastava Sales Executive Axis Bank 1.75
15 Ashok Agrawal Sales Executive Indus Ind Bank 1.85

More than 1000+ candidates till date have been placed all over Chhattisgarh & Pan India..